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What's on at St Margarets

Check out the groups and activities for children , young people and adults.


Looking for a church?

St Margaret's is a warm Presbyterian church, with lots to do, for young and old.

Community ministries

Bishopdale's community is important for St Margaret's, which is why we have a number of community ministries.


Our mission is to be a dynamic community of faith helping people to be lifelong followers of Jesus.

Gathering: Sundays@10am, Isleworth School Hall

From 2 December 2018 We are moving back to "The Hub", our community building at 94 Farrington Ave

God's relentless love is what gives us hope and is the source of our life and service. With God's help, we seek to grow as a community of worship, witness and discipleship which is warm and honest about life and faith; a place where God's hospitality is experienced and practised in Bishopdale and the wider contexts of our lives.

Be part of an all-age community learning to follow Jesus in the power of the Spirit, and appreciate what this means for the world God loves.


St Margaret's Building Fundraising Campaign


Are you a member or a friend of St Margaret's? We are clarifying our funding base in order to proceed with our new building to replace the one destroyed by arson in 2016.


We invite you to prayerfully consider giving to this project. Some people are making gifts, some have made pledges over several years, and others still are making bequests (please consult with family and seek financial advice if you'd like to explore this option). Perhaps you could make a 'gift in kind' i.e. professional services or goods.


We are incredibly grateful for all the support we continue to receive from church family and the community. Thank you! Giving comes in many ways and our community is very appreciative of all the time, love and care that makes our life happen.


If you would like to contribute please contact us by December 2nd, 2018.



Thank you for your prayerful consideration!