About St Margaret's


Our mission is to be a dynamic community of faith helping people to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

We consider that all believers minister in God's church and we highly value the intergenerational nature of our congregation where you will find children of all ages, singles, families in various stages, and seniors. We are pretty informal, value participation over excellence, encourage a lively faith, and are committed to the historic orthodox beliefs of the church expressed in contemporary forms and practices.  This, we believe, means being a community that finds its worth in God and depending on the Spirit of Jesus Christ practises being disciples in renewed relationship with God, each other, and the wider world.

We are a Presbyterian church which means in terms of governance spiritual and pastoral oversight is in the care of elected elders, called The Session. We also have a Pastoral Caring team from across the congregation. The Board of Managers oversees property and financial matters. While St. Margaret's is Presbyterian, we value the rich gifts of the diverse membership of the worldwide church, and have people from a variety of church backgrounds.


St. Margaret's was founded in 1964 when the suburb of Bishopdale was developed. Since then the church has grown and become well-established in the community. Our buildings are well-used by a wide range of community groups. Original plans to build a dedicated sanctuary never eventuated. Worship was held in the multi-purpose hall until it was destroyed by fire in May 2016.   

St. Margaret's has always retained a relaxed and informal tone in its worship.  Our office and very busy community building 'The Hub' has business as normal on our Farrington Road site.

Our Sunday services are held in The Hub, 10am Sunday mornings. 


We look forward to rebuilding a church in the near future.