Children's Programme

During the week

  • Boys Brigade: fun filled, creative weekly activities boys ages 6 and up.
  • Girls Brigade: for girls ages 5 and up. A programme based on physical, educational, spiritual and social aspects.
  • Mainly Music: dancing and fun for babies, toddlers and Preschoolers, with their caregivers.

On Sundays

Groups for kids from pre-school to intermediate age.

An area is available for parents with very young children.

There is also a crèche, equipped with a sound system and viewing window through to the worship area.


St Margaret's is Kids Friendly!

  • Children are welcomed, celebrated, and nurtured.
  • Children belong and participate in the life and worship of the faith community.
  • Children can explore, learn, and experience the love of Christ.
  • Children are valued for the immense love and life they bring to the whole church.
  • Children create opportunity for people of all ages to learn from, respect, and appreciateone another.