Contact St Margaret's Presbyterian Church

Church Office

The office is for all church stuff, where we do whatever it takes.

Contact:Fiona Caughley or any of our pastoral staff
Available:Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings. 
Telephone:(03) 359-0149

Street Address:

94 Farrington Ave,
New Zealand

The Church offices are located in the community facility in the car park. This facility is shared with community groups who host programmes designed to encourage and develop independence and confidence in disabled adults.


You are very welcome to contact the Minister of the Parish:

Rev Andrew Nicol

Telephone:(03) 359-0149

Session Clerk


Telephone:via the office,  (03) 359 0149

Session (the elders of the Church) meet monthly at the church.

The Session Clerk keeps a list of the members of the Session, take minutes of its proceedings, and take charge of its papers, books and documents.

Parish Secretary

Fiona Caughley

Available:Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornigs
Telephone:(03) 359 0149

The parish secretary is a point of contact and is responsible for managing facility use, and compiling documents and communications.